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Custom Orders

Concept Art

For all custom orders, we require at least one piece of clear concept art. If you do not have any concept art, our concept artist can provide a full body three-view turnaround of your character for a flat fee of $100, which can be ordered separately or rolled into the cost of your costume.


For all custom orders, we ask for a minimum deposit of 30% of the total cost of the order. The deposit covers a portion of the cost of materials, contributes toward operating costs, and reserves your place in the commission queue. This 30% deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE if you cancel your order. For more information, see Refunds and Cancellations.


Once you have paid your deposit, additional payments may be split into monthly installments or paid as one lump sum at any time. You are not required to pay in full until the custom order is complete and you have approved of the final product. However, the item must be paid in full before we can ship it to you. There are no exceptions.

Providing Measurements

Measurements do not need to be scientifically exact, but accuracy is important. Take each measurement several times. Do not “add a few inches” to your measurements. If you would like your costume to fit a certain way (such as with room to grow), please let us know. If we need any measurements from you, we will email you a list along with a reference image instructing you how to take them.

Providing Duct Tape Dummies

Creating a duct tape dummy of your body is required if you are ordering a full costume with body or leg padding. If you don’t know how to create one, we can provide instructions for you.


  • duct tape dummies with significantly bent arms or knees

  • dummies that were made while sitting down

  • dummies in which there are large untaped gaps or the tape is peeling up

  • dummies that are lined only with paper towels, saran wrap, or other flimsy materials that are not sturdy enough to keep a shape

Make sure you take the time to make a good, solid duct tape dummy! Thin or flimsy DTDs can warp and pop apart and defeat the entire purpose of making one. Finally, even when it is not required, we highly encourage making a duct tape dummy for all full costumes for a fully personalized fit!

Turnaround Time and Completion Dates

You will be given an estimated start and completion date when you order based on our approximate turnaround time of four to six months. These start and completion dates may be subject to change. Any specific deliver-by dates must be agreed upon up front and must fall within your original completion estimate. WE CAN NOT guarantee any “I need it by _____” dates unless we agree upon it BEFORE you place your order.

Creation Process

We want to create a costume as close as possible to your concept without sacrificing functionality or quality. To make sure we do the best possible job, we will send regular progress photos in order to give you an opportunity to provide feedback, ask questions, or request changes. While it is rare, there are some changes that we cannot make because it would compromise the quality of your costume. In the event a customer asks for changes that are not likely to get the result that they are looking for, we will be frank about it. In most cases, we can identify issues within a design (impaired vision, fur colours that are not available, etc.) before accepting the commission, but sometimes issues may arise during construction. If this occurs, we will discuss our options and ask for your feedback before proceeding. Once we have begun work on your costume, exceptional changes are no longer possible (changing species, changing markings, changing colors). Make sure you are committed to your design!

The Artistic Freedom Discount

Costumes priced under the Artistic Freedom Discount rate are subject to all terms and conditions as is any other commission we take. We reserve the right to refuse this discount to overly specific prompts, and will direct those seeking such designs to our regular costume creation rates.


Your Shipping Info

We will need a full legal name to ship to, or at minimum, a first initial and a last name. If a shipment is returned to us because of incorrect information, it will be reshipped at the customer’s cost.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs will be stated up front and in most cases are free of charge or already included in the cost of the item. We ship via USPS Priority Mail and UPS Ground. If you would like to request a different shipping method (or expedited/overnight shipping), or to bill directly to a FedEx/UPS account, let us know and you will be billed for the cost.

International Shipping

International customers are responsible for ALL DUTIES AND IMPORT TAXES that may arise. We cannot predict these nor estimate what you may be charged. If you are located outside of the US, we urge you to please regularly check your tracking number as sometimes packages are held for pickup. If a package is returned because you did not pay duties or did not answer summons to pick it up, we will ask you to pay to have it shipped again.

Refunds and Cancellations


In the event you cancel your custom order, your 30% deposit is NOT REFUNDABLE. We reserve the right to auction or sell any items we have made to recoup any additional costs, and we reserve the right to accept no future commissions from customers who cancel. If applicable, your deposit can be used as store credit or paid toward completing a smaller portion of your original order.

Right of Refusal and Cessation of Work

We reserve the right to politely refuse service to any customer for any reason not restricted by law. We reserve the right to cancel or cease work on any commission due to extenuating circumstances. If we must cancel an order ourselves, your payment(s), including your 30% down payment, will be refunded to you in full.

Loss of Contact

If for any reason a customer ceases contact with us while a balance owed remains on their custom order, we will make every reasonable attempt to contact the customer by any means we are able to (email, phone, social media, post) in order to complete their project. If we receive no return contact whatsoever for a period of three months (90 days), we will consider the commission canceled, the deposit void, and will sell or auction any items made in order to recoup costs.


The customer has three months (90 days) to complete their final payment following the costume’s completion. In the event of nonpayment after a costume has been completed satisfactorily and in a timely manner, if we do not receive the balance owed within that 90 day period we will consider the commission canceled, the deposit void, and will sell or auction any items made in order to recoup costs.


For all ready-made/adoptable items, the customer has SEVEN DAYS after receipt to inspect the item for any damages or issues and ship it back. Items postmarked within this seven day window will have the original purchase price of the item refunded to them. Returns after this seven day window may not be eligible for a refund. Shipping costs are not refundable when returning an item unless returning due to an error on our part, in which case we will also refund your shipping costs. CUSTOM ORDERS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE ONCE YOU HAVE APPROVED PHOTOS. Please see Warranty and Repairs for more information.

Warranty and Repairs


All wearable items come with a 90 day warranty. Please inspect your items as soon as you receive them for any signs of damage during shipment. During this warranty period we will repair or replace any item that suffers any damage as a result of normal use and we will do so free of charge. Care instructions will be provided with your costume. These costumes are made to be durable pieces of activewear with an average five year lifespan and can last as long as ten if well cared for. Walking, running, crouching, sitting, bending, and dancing are examples of normal use. Damage as a result of improper care (such as dry cleaning damage or poor costume storage) is not normal use. This warranty may be void if you have significantly altered your costume in any way (such as adding, removing, or replacing eyes, zippers, linings, etc).


Any necessary repairs within the first 90 days are provided by us free of charge. Any necessary repairs after the first 90 days may still be available at little or no charge, so please do not hesitate to contact us! For the entire life of your costume, we will provide repairs at an hourly rate and advice for free. We are also always available to replace any worn-out pieces (such as hands or feet) for previous customers, regardless of whether we are open for commissions at the time or not. Finally, if you have any questions about doing repairs yourself, please feel free to contact us at any time.


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