Do you accept trades?

While we have to decline most trades for practical reasons, sometimes we do accept trades for equivalent value items. Please feel free to ask, but we can’t guarantee it!

Will you donate a costume to our charity?

Animal rescue (particularly dog adoption, spay/neuter, and pet retention programs) is a cause that is very close to us. We will donate or discount costumes for registered 501(c)(3) animal welfare organizations who are located in the United States. If you are interested in bringing a mascot to life for your adoption and outreach events, please feel free to contact us!

Do you offer any discounts?

We only offer one: the Artistic Freedom Discount. We take Artistic Freedom commissions at a flat discount of 15%.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payments via PayPal, all major credit cards, and bank check or money order. We no longer accept personal check, bank transfer, or Western Union. All payments must be made in USD.

Do you charge sales tax or any additional fees?

If sales tax legally applies to your purchase (typically, but not always, limited to residents of the state of Pennsylvania) it will be included in your estimate. There are no other fees of any kind.


I'm allergic to something! What are your allergen warnings?

  • LATEX: While we use no latex-based rubber products in your costume, from time to time there is latex present in our work space. Those who are extremely sensitive to latex should let us know before purchasing.

  • DOGS: While they don’t come in direct contact with your costume, there are dogs present in our studio, and they do come in direct contact with us. Those who are extremely sensitive to dogs should not purchase from us.

  • FRAGRANCES: While we don’t apply any fragrances directly to your costume, we do use them in our studio. Those who are extremely sensitive to fragrances should let us know before purchasing.

Is that real fur?

No, it is not. We use only faux furs, plastics, and vinyl. There are no animal products used in your costume. If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of having your costume made, let us know and we can discuss options!

How do you make a costume?

We don’t usually have the time to make tutorials, but we love to share progress photos and enjoy being completely transparent with our work process! If you’re interested in seeing WIPs and reading costume-making advice, you should follow us on Instagram!

Where do you buy your fur?

Tons of places.

Will you make original or fandom species?

Sure! We’re happy to make any original species or open fandom species with appropriate concept art.

I really like a costume in your gallery. Can you make one just like it for me?

We can’t, no. Every costume in our gallery is a one of a kind creation. Many of the designs belong to the costume’s owner and are not ours to recreate. Even with cosplay costumes, we cannot/will not make two identical costumes, and will interpret the character in our style at the time.


How do I place an order?

If you’d like to see what we have in stock and ready-to-ship, click the SHOP link above! If you’re interested in a custom order, you can send us an email via the CONTACT link or directly to More information on the order process is on the TERMS page.

Do I need to give you concept art?

One piece of clear concept art is required for all non-artistic freedom costumes. If you don’t have concept art, we’re happy to provide it for you separately, or the cost can be wrapped into your commission.

Do I need to make a duct tape dummy?

Duct tape dummies are required for any full costumes that involve body padding or leg padding. We can provide you with tutorials and other links if you’ve never made one before. For all other full costumes, a DTD is highly encouraged, but not required. We can work from measurements alone.

How long will it take?

Our current turnaround time is approximately four to six months! As we usually work on several projects at once, we may not begin work on your order immediately. We’re happy to provide estimates of your costume’s start date and completion date.

Can you do a rush order?

Because our turnaround time is already very quick for a small studio, we are only able to accept rush orders on an extremely limited basis. Any rush orders that we accept will merit a price increase to reflect the focus and attention these orders require.

Did you get my email?

Probably. Please allow at least 48 hours for us to reply to you before you send any additional messages. Additional messages will be discarded and may be flagged as spam. We try to be very quick about confirming messages, but especially when our queue is full and we’re spending most of our time working, we’re a little slow on them!

Do you ship to my country?

Yep! We will ship absolutely anywhere in the world, including to all APO/FPO locations.

Can I order one item now, and matching pieces later?

Yes, absolutely! However: If you think you may order matching pieces in the future, We highly, highly recommend you consider ordering all the fur to do so now. (We can ship the fur to you, or keep it here.) Runs of faux fur come and go, and when they are re-run, the dye lots can vary, meaning that your “matching” pieces may come back a few shades off from your original pieces even when made with the exact same brand of fur.


About body image, physical needs, and dysphoria…

We are proud to make and to have made numerous costumes to suit a wide variety of body types, gender expressions, and levels of physical accessibility. However, in order to best serve you, we may require certain personal information (such as a legal name for shipping purposes) and accurate physical measurements. None of this information will ever be disclosed, and we will only ask you for information directly related to your costume, its fit, and its delivery. We are a LGBT+ and nonbinary-friendly company, and we are happy to meet your needs and address any concerns you may have. Please contact us with any questions or specific requests regarding your costume or your order process!

How will my costume be shipped? How will I be billed?

All of your items will be shipped in a plain, unmarked box. Items are shipped from B3Mascots in Athens, GA. Your credit card statement will reflect a charge from B3MASCOTS PITTSBURGHPA. For international customers, we are required to declare the contents of the shipment on the waybill. Contents are always declared as faux/fake fur costume.

I am under 18. Can I purchase from you? Will my parents know if I do?

We can’t sell custom-made items that require a contract to minors. We can sell ready-made or adoptable inventory via direct sale. We may need a confirmation via phone or fax from an adult guardian for any customer under eighteen years of age.


Where are you located?

We work out of and ship from a studio in Pittsburgh, PA in the US.

Can I come to your studio?

Sorry, but the answer to this is no! We work out of a private studio without a retail storefront.

Are you hiring?

From time to time we will hire help on an individual basis, but in general we are not hiring right now.